New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom

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Tapping into Maple Tradition

Lessons & Activities

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Background Information

Grade Level: All
Description: General background information applicable to most lessons.

Be A Sugar Maker

Grade Level: K-2
Subject: Science Cycles
Description: Role-play the sugar making process with the option to expand into the water cycle. Tapping for sap is a wonderful accompaniment to this activity.
Related Resources: Sugaring Tool Cards, Tapping for Sap, Terrific Trees

Find the Sugar Maple

Grade Level: 3-6
Subject: Science, Language Arts
Description: Learn about how to identify the different kinds of maple trees native to NH. Then make a flipbook with pictures or photos of the different trees and explain their own tips for identifying trees.

Nature's Factory At Work

Grade Level: 3-6
Subject: Science
Description: Students will learn about the layers of a tree trunk, discover the process of photosynthesis and learn about the water cycle. Also explore solutions and evaporation.
Related Resources: Sugar Maple Inquiry Cards, NHMPA Photosynthesis poster, Tree Rings (math)


Grade Level: 1-5
Subject: Science
Description: Describe physical properties of materials and observe physical and chemical changes as they learn about the ingredients in pancakes and how maple syrup is harvested from trees.

Tapping Into Maple Tradition

Grade Level: 2-6
Subject: Language Arts, Science, Math
Description: Oral and written communication, mathematical representation plus physical and conceptual models to describe and explain scientific concepts and ideas. Use inquiry strategies to investigate and understand the natural world. Younger students will learn to use the process approach to writing coherently and using appropriate conventions.
Related Resources: Sugar Maple Inquiry Cards

Where's The Maple?

Grade Level: 4-5
Subject: Social Studies (GIS mapping), LA
Description: Engage students in the process of maple sugaring by reading Maple Syrup Season and completing a chronology activity. Students can then be guided through an ArcGIS Online activity showing them why NH has business based on maple sugar and allows them to map and explore area sugarhouses.

Looking Back, Thinking Forward

Grade Level: 3-6
Subject: Social Studies
Description: Learn about the maple sugaring process - the equipment and its changes over time, climate, and technology. How has it changed through history and what might it look like in the future?
Related Resources: Maple History Short Video, Legends, Make A Birch Bark Container, A Day At Sugar Camp, Sugar Maple Inquiry Cards

Maple Temperatures

Subject: Math
Description: Explore different temperatures involved with maple sugaring. Learn about sling a thermometer to take temperature and use fractions to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back.
Related Resources: Maple Weather - Will It Run Today?, Sap In The Sugar Maple video

Sweet Sugaring

Grade Level: Elementary & Middle
Subject: Science, Language Arts, Math
Description: Learn about maple sugaring and give it a try!
Related Resources: Making Maple Syrup

Sap Value Calculation

Grade Level: Middle
Subject: Math
Description: Analyze graphs of the different versions Jones Rule of 86 to see that the higher the Brix score, the less amount of sap needed to produce a gallon of syrup.

Maple Sugar Molecules and Crystals

Grade Level: Middle & High School
Subject: Chemistry
Description: Students will learn about what sugar crystals look like on a larger scale and how removing water allows for crystallization by making rock candy.
Related Resources: Sugar Molecule Short Video, NHMPA Crystallization poster, Changing State – Evaporation

Sugar Concentration and Hydrometers

Grade Level: Middle
Subject: Science, Engineering
Description: Students will make and test a hydrometer and then use it to test the sugar concentration of different grades of maple syrup.

Maple Economics

Grade Level: High School
Subject: Economics
Description: Simulate the relationship between producers and consumers while learning about the New Hampshire maple syrup industry and its competitors.
Related Resources: Maple Economics Short Video, Canadian Maple Heist, NHMPA Production poster, USDA Maple Statistics

Tubing Layout Design

Grade Level: High School
Subject: Engineering
Description: Effectively design an efficient tubing system that not only works great, but also is easy to maintain. Using natural slope and valleys of a hill can help aid a design. Vacuum pressure is also very important to a maple sugar maker which is touched on in the lesson.