New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom

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Tapping into Maple Tradition

Additional Lessons and Materials

Click on individual lessons to view and download a copy. For printed copies to be mailed, email ( with specific requests. There is a $3. fee per lesson or $50 for the complete curriculum.

Maple Sugaring

Grade Level: PreK-2
Subject: Language Arts, Math,Science
Description: A variety of crafts, coloring pages and activities.

Maple Themed Worksheets 1st

Grade Level: 1
Subject: Math, Language Arts
Description: A variety of math and language arts worksheets, puzzles, hidden pictures, rebus story and more.

Maple Themed Worksheets 2nd

Grade Level: 2
Subject: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies
Description: Maple math with a maple tubing system, tree rings, geography and history are presented in worksheets, hidden pictures and puzzles.

Maple Themed Worksheets 3rd

Grade Level: 3
Subject: Math, Science, Language Arts
Description: Puzzles, worksheets, word searches and more featuring plotting coordinates, adjectives, spelling, multiplication and other topics.

Maple Themed Worksheets 4th

Grade Level: 4
Subject: Math, Social Studies
Description: Tree parts, tree life cycle, leaf parts, maple production history and decimals are the focus of this set of worksheets.
Related Resources: Maple History Short Video

Maple Themed Worksheets 5th

Grade Level: 5
Subject: Math, Language Arts
Description: Practice fractions, multiplication and grammar with these worksheets and hidden pictures.

Maple Themed Worksheets 6th

Grade Level: 6
Subject: Math, Science, Language Arts
Description: Graphs, variables, area, ratios, mean, cells & adaptations, phases of matter, grammar and history are addressed in this collection of worksheets.
Related Resources: Let's Graph Maple Production, USDA Maple Statistics

Make A Birch Bark Container

Grade Level: K-3
Subject: Art
Description: Sharpen coloring and cutting skills to create a customized paper makak.
Related Resources: Maple History Short Video

Biodiversity in the Sugar Bush & Beyond

Grade Level: 5-6
Subject: Science
Description: PowerPoint presentation explaining biodiversity and instructions for the Gobie Game.

NYAITC Exploring Maple Syrup

Grade Level: 4-5
Subject: Science, Language Arts
Description: Students will understand how maple syrup is made and use their senses to analyze its qualities. Also works as a companion resource to the book Sugarbush Springs by Marsha Wilson Chall.
Related Resources: Sap In The Sugar Maple Video

NYAITC Sugar Maple Days

Grade Level: 4-5
Subject: Science
Description: Learn to identify the maple tree family and that Sugar Maple and Black Maple are the two favored species for maple production. Students will learn how different maple products are made from maple tree sap. They will be exposed to the physics of hydraulic lift and sap flow.

Discover How Trees Grow and Function

Grade Level: Upper Elementary, Middle
Subject: Science
Description: Role-play the growth process of a tree. Learn about tree form and function including photosynthesis.

Teacher Treesources

Grade Level: 2-12
Subject: Science
Description: Resources to discover water movement in trees. Link to SMART board activities.

All About Maple

Subject: Science, History, Nutrition
Description: Smart Board interactive presentation covering history, tree ID, animals in the sugarbush, maple sugaring season, tapping trees and the tools, nutrition and more.

Changing State – Evaporation

Grade Level: Middle
Subject: Chemistry
Description: Students will help design an experiment to see if adding energy (heating) affects the rate of evaporation. Look at molecular animations to help explain why the heating water increases the rate of evaporation, introduce a more detailed model of the water molecule and create 3-d Styrofoam models.

A Day At Sugar Camp

Grade Level: 4-8
Subject: History
Description: Coloring sheets depicting a variety of native American scenes including some portraying maple production.
Related Resources: Woodland Indian Educational resources, Book: A Day At The Sugar Camp

Maple Legends

Grade Level: 3-5
Subject: Language Arts, History
Description: Learn about Native American Legends and create your own.

Let's Graph Maple Syrup Production

Subject: Math
Description: Learn to create various graph types based on maple production statistics.
Related Resources: USDA Maple Statistics